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FI/ Moominworld in Naantali

FI/ Moominworld in Naantali

Perhaps the most fun that one could have this summer with Moomin is waiting for you at Moominworld. Moominworld has brought joy and amusement for children and their families for over twenty years. For a family trip in Finland, a trip to Moominworld is a MUST. Activities at the Moomin world include Plays at the […]

FI/ LUX HELSINKI, Enlivening the dark...

FI/ LUX HELSINKI, Enlivening the dark winter again!

Helsinki will fill up with light again this winter with their annual event “LUX HELSINKI“. Light installations prepared by artists from around the world will be on display, warming the atmosphere around town. Conveniently, this light show will be arranged along a very easy to follow path along the town center, and to help warm […]

FI/ 2014 is A Moomin year

FI/ 2014 is A Moomin year

The Moomin family will be celebrating its creators 100 year old birthday next year. Fueled by the desire to create something innocent and naive during World War II, the Finish artist Tove Jansson wrote the first book of the Moomin series in 1945. 100 years after her birth, the Moomin characters are one of the most famous characters […]

FI / Kuopio – Savonlinna survey...

FI / Kuopio – Savonlinna survey tour

Day 1 Late evening flight HEL-Kuopio (2025-2120) After a 20 min transfer we arrive in Kuopio – 8 largest city of Finland (100.000 habitants). It is well known as a university City as well as hosting City for FIS world cup ski jump competition. We stayed at Spa Hotel Rauhalahti with typical finish atmosphere. Every […]

FI/ “Villa Kokkonen” a ho...

FI/ “Villa Kokkonen” a house for music

Only 30 minute drive away from Finland’s capital Helsinki, surrounded in nature stands a rather famous house, well known to the world of architects as the “Piano House.” Here the house is open for the public upon reservation, and guests from around the world is treated with a unique experience. World renowned architect Alvar Aalto […]

FI/ The Moomins in Finland

Would you like to visit the home of Moomin? This is the right time to start planning! Next year is the 100th anniversary to the birth of Tove Joansson, the creator of Moomin. Festivities are being planned, and a special event website has been established here.  The main fun will be happening at these locations: […]