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Copenhagen Design Museum

Copenhagen Design Museum

The Design Museum in Copenhagen has a long history, starting originally in 1890’s to serve as a place where designers can share their designs, as well as to get inspiration for new designs. Upon a visit to this Museum, one will see how the Danish Design have developed over the years.  This museum also ranks consistently […]

FI/ LUX HELSINKI, Enlivening the dark...

FI/ LUX HELSINKI, Enlivening the dark winter again!

Helsinki will fill up with light again this winter with their annual event “LUX HELSINKI“. Light installations prepared by artists from around the world will be on display, warming the atmosphere around town. Conveniently, this light show will be arranged along a very easy to follow path along the town center, and to help warm […]

Oslo Medieval Festival 2013

Oslo Medieval Festival 2013

Last weekend, the Oslo Medieval Festival was held in the heart of town. The venue, the Medieval Park, is shaped to reconstruct the coastline where Oslo stood around year 1300. Here is a photo album from the event, which was graced with brilliant weather.  

FAMTRIP: Northern Finland and Karasjo...

FAMTRIP: Northern Finland and Karasjok, Norway

Our staff was recently in Rovaniemi/Saariselkä and Karasjok, so here is a brand new Photo Story from the trip! With the relative close distance to Karasjok, we are looking to increase the services available in Saariselkä to include an excursion to Norway. The route can be seen on the above map, and the distance is […]