© Moomin Characters™

© Moomin Characters™

The Moomin family will be celebrating its creators 100 year old birthday next year. Fueled by the desire to create something innocent and naive during World War II,
the Finish artist Tove Jansson wrote the first book of the Moomin series in 1945.
100 years after her birth, the Moomin characters are one of the most famous characters in the world. 

For those of you who are not aware, the Moomins are adventurous family of trolls living in Moominvalley. The series of 9 children’s books have since been a source of inspiration to many, and have been reproduced all around the world in various forms. From the famous animated TV series, to mugs, chocolates, and even diapers, there seems to be no end to the success of these round white adorable characters.   

100th anniversary events will be posted at http://www.tove100.com/ available in English. There you can see that the celebration of Tove’s life is celebrated all around the world. 

Here at the Miki Oslo office, we want to join the celebration as well by putting up information about Moomin on our blog. You can check all of our Moomin posts by choosing the “Moomin” category on the right side of this page.   

Let the adventurous celebration begin!