Alvar Aalto´s Villa Kokkonen seen from the Lake Tuusula on November 2012Only 30 minute drive away from Finland’s capital Helsinki, surrounded in nature stands a rather famous house, well known to the world of architects as the “Piano House.” Here the house is open for the public upon reservation, and guests from around the world is treated with a unique experience.

World renowned architect Alvar Aalto built this house in 1969 for a Finnish composer Joonas Kokkonen. The whole house is designed around the composer’s piano, and every detail tells of the architect’s fundamental ideas about classical music.

Elina Viitaila & Antti A. Pesonen in the studio of Alvar Aalto´s Villa Kokkonen

Walking guided tours are offered to reserved guests, discussing the history, architecture, and music relating to the house. The tours are hosted by two performing musicians Mrs. Elina Viitaila and Mr. Antti A. Pesonen.  A special treat is awaiting at the end of the tour, where the hosts perform together a special musical number to mark the moment.

If you have a extra moment, you have to look through the souvenir shop located right inside the house. Fashionable Finnish design items as well as hand crafts and most importantly, super delicious handmade chocolate!


JPN: P 30388       EF / VILLA KOKKONEN     (VILLA/GDE)
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