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Denmark / Grand tour of Copenhagen

Denmark / Grand tour of Copenhagen Copenhagen – Denmark Denmark / Grand tour of Copenhagen When working in the travel industry and had the pleasure of visiting many of the amazing places in the Nordic countries it’s sometimes easy to get blinded by all experiences and to avoid all “touristy” things when away outside work. […]

Artek New Open

Artek New Open Everyone who knows Finish designs knows of Alvar Aalto. The most famous designer and architect in Finland. Well known for his buildings which are all around Helsinki, Finland, and the world. He is also known for this lamps and chairs which are not only comfortable to use, but on how they look. […]

HardangerFjord route #13

Hardangerfjord – Route 13 between Hardangerfjord and Voss closed due to landslide A part of route 13, the main connection between the Hardangerfjord region and the Voss/Flåm area, was damaged north of Granvin yesterday evening (27 April) and the road is closed (see map below). Vehicles under 3.5 tons can pass using a bicycle lane […]

Copenhagen on two wheels

Copenhagen on two wheelsIf you want to see a capital city on two wheels Copenhagen is the perfect spot. The city is built for cyclists and you might even see more bikes than cars in the city center. 1/3 of the Copenhagen inhabitants commute to work by bicycle and it is not unusual to see […]

Hamlet’s Castle

 To Visit Hamlets Castleor not,That is the question 1 KRONBORG CASTLE Kronborg Castle is the town of Helsingør. The castle is one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe and has been added to UNESO’s world heritage sites. The castle is in the northeastern tip of the Island of Zealand. The castle dates […]

Winter (time) is coming

Winter (time) is coming

Just a reminder for all of our guests travelling the Nordic countries now, On the night to Sunday (24th of October 2015) we leave summertime and enter winter time. This means that at 03:00 the time goes back to 02:00 So you can sleep 1 hour extra without losing any time, but make sure to […]