The brand new food market “Mathallen” opened its doors in Oslo on October 2nd, and our staff went to check. The venue is inspired by the traditional food markets of Europe, but has its distinctive character. Mathallen offers both speciality stores, from all between French delicacies to fresh produce, with restaurants offering a wide variety of quisines cooked with the same high quality foods.

This Saturday October 27th, Mathallen hosted a pre-release tasting event for this year’s Christmas beers. With a selection of over 100 beers from Norway and abroad, it was practically impossible to try everything – but likewise hard to find something not to one’s liking! The event was also celebrated with lectures in the history of Christmas beer brewing in the Viking Age, live music in the theme of Bavarian Oktoberfest and a male chorus singing drinking songs and Christmas carols to set the mood.

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Photos: MIKI Staff