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© Munch Museum / Munch-Ellingsen Group / BONO, Oslo 2013 Photo: Børre Høstland, National Museum 読者様のなかでもご存知の方が多いかと思いますが、今年はムンクの誕生の150周年でありいろいろとムンクを記念する催しが行われています。中にもムンク美術館と国立美術館が合同で開催しているムンク150の展示は必見です。以下に特別条件・情報をまとめましたので、ご覧下さい。 ムンク150 展示期間 6月2日 から 10月13日 まで 国立美術館は1882年から1903年までの作品 ムンク美術館は1904年から1944年までの作品 「叫び」は両方でご覧になれます 展示は二つで一つのものですので、両館とも訪れることが勧められています 会館時間 毎日 10時 から 17時 まで 木曜日は 10時から 19時 まで 注意事項 6月2日 から 6月20日 8月26日 から 9月22日 以上の期間内は11時 から 13時30分 までグループとしての入場は出来ません。この時間内はFITとして入場し、ガイドからの説明なしで周ることになります。 グループの入場は事前予約が必須です。館内での撮影は一切禁じられています。 他にもムンク特別記念切手、ハガキ、ムンクモチーフのミルクチョコ等と、グッズ・お土産品も増える予定です。

Stockholm voted as Traveler’s C...

Stockholm voted as Traveler’s Choice: Style Capital

Stockholm is often presented as a stylish captial, with citizens dressing up in designer clothes and hip styles effortlessly. The people seem to take on to fashion and trends very easily, and it also reflects the way they are perceived. Indeed, they are so confident, people from Stockholm are sometimes described as aristocratic, posh or […]

Photo Album: StockholmDays 2012

Photo Album: StockholmDays 2012

This November saw the opening of the second StockholmDays, with lots of tour operators and local suppliers being invited to the workshop. It was a very productive event, arranging over 1600 meetings in around six hours. From our office, two of the staff were sent from Oslo to participate. As it has been a while […]

Norway’s railways voted “...

Norway’s railways voted “Most scenic in Europe” by Lonely Planet

This November, Lonely Planet placed two of Norway’s train lines as the top two entries for the Top Ten Scenic Rail Journeys in Europe! Number one is the Rauma Line between Dombås and Åndalsnes, and number two is the Bergen Line from Oslo, with the added detour to Flåm. Both lines are very popular with […]

Featured: Basecamp Spitsbergen

Featured: Basecamp Spitsbergen

Very few have ventured to the northernmost part of Norway, the Arctic islands of Svalbard. Those who have, can all agree on one thing: it is an extreme place, both in climate and remoteness. It is a part of the world where the nature has never been tamed. It is also a wonderful destination for […]

Ålesund, the alternative gateway to t...

Ålesund, the alternative gateway to the fjords

Most of the tours coming into the Nordic countries are either flying to the main traffic hubs Helsinki Vantaa airport (HEL) or Copenhagen Kastrup airport (CPH). From there, the trip goes to Oslo or Bergen to see the fjords of Norway. There is, however, also the possibility to arrive in Ålesund on the first day […]