Greetings, dear readers! This week’s theme is “Animal”.


First up is this seagull, resting his wings on the Silja Line between Stockholm and Helsinki. One of the tourist attractions in Helsinki on the Japanese market is the café which was used as location in the 2006 movie “Kamome Shokudo“. Still, tourist from Japan come to have a meal at the very restaurant where the film was mainly shot, and the place is also popular among the locals. It’s real name is Kahvila Suomi, which means Café Finland in Finnish.


The reindeer above is owned by a Sami girl living in the Sami Capital, Karasjok. In Sami folklore, the white reindeer is said to be magical. It is quite rare, and less than 1% of all reindeers are completely white. To preserve the environment, all reindeer herds have a limit on their size. One fall several years ago, the reindeer in the photo was also going to be slaughtered. But the girl cried and begged her mother, so the reindeer was saved. He is quite stubborn, and a little bit goofy, but for the Sami girl he is a treasured friend.

[wpvideo nk5PlO2s]

The last entry is from our Oslo office. Just outside our building runs two small rivers, and the tiny cape where they meet is a favourite place for the local doves and ducks. As you can see, the ducks swim in the river, heeding no mind to the freezing cold. The winter is still far from over in our parts.