Today, we bring a short newsletter from our staff in Copenhagen, Mr. Morikawa:

Tiger is the Danish low-price retail chain and its stores are located everywhere in Denmark. The people’s love of Nordic style seems persistent and incessant in Japan as Scandinavian designs are seen trendy, sophisticated and ageless. Following the big success in Japan of the Swedish brands H&M and IKEA, in 2012 Tiger of Denmark made its debut in Osaka. It has instantly captured people’s attention and become a huge success straight after it’s inception. From the opening day until long after, people had to stand in a queue for hours to get into Tiger’s Osaka store.


For most of my Danish friends, Tiger is just a one-coin store and nothing else. So I first came to wonder why Japanese people went so crazy about this Scandinavian discount shop. The reason behind this can be found in their products. Many of Tiger’s products are very colourful. They are of course low-cost but look reasonably well-designed. Its products are in Japan often called kawaii (cute) and it hits the well-known Osaka’s fashion tendency and people’s psyche that the locals love colourful and flamboyant fashions.

tiger6 tiger7 tiger5

When you come visit Copenhagen next time, you might want to add “Shop at Tiger” to your Do-list. One thing I can guarantee is that there is no queue to get into the store.

– J. MORIKAWA in Copenhagen