This week’s theme is the word “Delicious”. As promised, we will present some of the local specialities and a few favourites of our own as well!

Photo courtesy of Max Burgers

Max Burgers is a Swedish chain of fastfood restaurants, and it claims to be the oldest burger chain in Europe, and the most popular in Sweden. It’s food is praised for it’s high quality, and the company focuses on both health issues and sustainability, aiming to become carbon neutral in the future. Outside of Sweden, Max only has three restaurants around Oslo, and another planned to open in Copenhagen next March. It’s still a very limited speciality, so make sure to try it if you are in Sweden! Our staff can recommend the Friscoburger, seen in the picture above.

Above is the Finnish Karjalanpiirakka, or Karelian pastry. The pastries are made from a thin rye crust with rice filling. It is eaten hot with butter spread on top, often mixed with minced boiled eggs. Although it’s origin is the region around the border with Russia today, it is enjoyed throughout Finland. If you are staying at a hotel in Finland, it is quite commonly served as part of the buffet. As such, it has been tried by many Japanese tourists, who find it very enjoyable!

The last entry is from our office in Oslo. Last week, the Asian staff was in majority, so our Chinese coordinator staff suddenly decided to make hot pot for lunch! Our office has a kitchen, but it does not have any stove. Therefore, we cooked the ingredients in the rice cooker instead. It might look unorthodox and strange, but the result was absolutely delicious! With the winter already upon us, it looks like we will continue to make these hot pot lunches in the coming months as well.

That concludes this week’s update! Inspired by the hot pot above, next week will have the theme “Warmth”.

Photo: MIKI Staff