The iconic and popular Borgund Stave Church is open for visitors throughout the year, as opposed to many stave churches that close down after the summer season is over. The oldest and best preserved stave church in Norway, together with the far newer Visitors Centre nearby, will be open from 10:00 to 17:00 every day during October 1st to March 31st this winter.

In contrast to the usual dark color of the wooden exterior walls, the snow during wintertime covers the steeply angled roof and blankets the surrounding landscape in a soft blanket of white. Experiencing Borgund Stave Church during this season is quite different from the usual visits during the summer. One can easily imagine how people gather for mass crossing the snowdecked landscape, as majestic 800 years ago as it still is now. Located in Lærdal, midway between Oslo and Bergen, it is an ideal pitstop for groups travellering by bus either way. Maybe something to consider for future tours?

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Photos courtesy of Fortidsminneforeningen