Photo: Kenneth Wada Stien

Photo: Kenneth Wada Stien / Date: Feb. 2012 / Location: Nellim

This article delighted our eyes, as it shows the priceless value of experiencing the Northern Lights! A research done by Lonely Planet‘s publisher showed the result that more than half of those surveyed mentioned seeing the Northern Lights as their top 5 travel experiences.

This staggering statistic shows how arctic Scandinavia have a lot to offer to the world when it comes to experiencing one of the most memorable experiences one can have.

I too, when I think of it, will never forget the Northern Lights when I visited my friend in frigid Sortland in northern Norway. As we approached the winter cabin overlooking a fjord surrounded by steep icy mountains, I could only wish that this will turn out to be an Aurora night. Few hours later as the cabin warmed up and the temperature outside went down, a giant celestial curtain quietly began to swirl around in the sky, and I jumped out to the porch to an unbelievable sight, forgetting for some time that I need a really good jacket to enjoy the fullness.

I guess the stories are similar, featuring travelers in cold and dark arctic winters when nature decides one day to fulfill their wishes by showing off one of the greatest natural light show on earth. No wonder why it is so memorable and satisfying!