JOIBUS is the name of our new package tour by bus from Bergen to Oslo.

As you may have already guessed the tour starts with a night in beautiful Bergen.

Bergen fjord cruise (optional).

On day 2 it heads for the fjords and the famous Flåmsbana. The waterfalls Steindalsfossen and Skjervsfossen are some of the possible pitstops before moving on to Voss and Flåm.

Voss Cable Car (optional).

From Voss the tour continues on to Myrdal for the Flåm Railway. On board the Flåm Railway you can observe breathtaking views of various types of Norwegian landscapes.

Quick pitstop at Kjosfossen Station for a stunning view.

Arrival at Flåm Station

After riding on the Flåm Railway, day 2 ends with a stay in the relaxing fjord town of Årdalstangen.

Bar and Brewery at Klingenberg Hotel.

Day 3 starts off by getting back on the bus and moving on to Gudvangen for a fjord ferry tour with absolutely stunning views to Flåm.

Food trucks and stalls at Flåm.

Viking Village.

Before departing to Oslo the bus makes a stop at the magnificent stave church of Borgund.

Day 3 is concluded by an evening-arrival at a hotel in the city center of Oslo. Here, the travelers are free to enjoy everything that Oslo has to offer by themselves before the end of the tour on day 4.