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Welcome to Dalsnibba Veiwpoint. It is Europe's hightest fjordview from the road at 1476 meters over sea level. Dalsnibba is situated 21 km from the centr of Geiranger. When you get to the viewpoint what you see will depend on the weather as well as the season. In the earlie Late season snow can appear over night.  You can be lucky enough to se the sunset and in the autum you can see beautiful colors as well as northern lights. 


There has been some changes to dalsnibba. The path as now been well integrated to the landscape. In 2015 they worked on the old path. They have also found stones in the area to create a new path and even carved "Dalsnibba 1476 m.o.h." on one of the stones. When you get to the viewpoint there is a service house with toilets and a souvenir shop.

Please note that the road up to dalsnibba is not always open. Miki staff whom wish more information can find it here



They are builing a new view point that is scheduled to be finished in mid June. There will also be two new parking areas under the plateu and a handicap parking close to the entrance. There will also be more space for buses on the top. 

Opening Hours

Early/late season:                           09:00-17:00
Midseason (15.06-15.08):            09:00-18:00

More information can be found on their website

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