Now in the summertime there are many summer parties in the Nordic countries.

One of the most loved buffet food in Sweden is the “Smårgåstårta” (direct translated to sandwich-cake).  It’s said that Smörgåstårta was invented by the confectioner Gunnar Sjödahl in the 1960 at Wedemarks Konditori in Östersund.

Smörgåstårta looks like a cake but is filled with layers of white bread with different fillings.

On the west coast most common is shrimps, caviar, salmon and eggs.

There is also different local versions with for example meatballs, ham and liver pâté.

Smörgåstårta is served cold, which suits us very well during the summer.

This is the look of the last two we made;

smorgastarta 3
smorgastarta 2smorgastarta 1