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NO / Gol stave church

We have earlier informed about Borgund Stave Church but there is several other Stave churches worth visiting, one of them are the Stave Church in Gol.

The original church, Garðar kirkja,  were created around year 1200 but have some elements which can be dated all the way back to 1157. Even if the original church were moved to Oslo, it’s well worth to visit the New Gol Stave church.

2011-04-25 Gol nye stavkirke 01» av Chell Hill

2011-04-25 Gol nye stavkirke 01» av Chell Hill

But please note you must buy the entrance ticket to be able to see the church, otherwise you will not be able to see more than in the picture below.

Gol stavkirke Stave Church

Gol Stave Church seen from outside. Photo by Aase Hovde

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