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Dalsnibba viewpoint, Geirangerfjord

Most of you already know about Geirangerfjord in Møre og Romsdal. This UNESCO World Heritage fjord is spectacular from all angles, but possibly the best point to view it is from Dalsnibba. Only a couple of kilometers south of Geiranger you have the snow covered peak of Dalsnibba, (highest point 1476m) where you can enjoy a breathtaking view right on the parking lot, without having to walk for hours. The scenery is magnificent, but the weather is also astonishing. It can vary from thick fog to sunshine in seconds.

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From here you will be able to see a great variation in nature and spot animals like reindeer and eagles. If you’re lucky you might even see an arctic fox. There are no artificial lights, making this spot perfect for studying the stars as well as watching the sunset and sunrise.The busses go every day from the 22 of June to the 31 of August between 09:30-12:20, 12:30-14:30 and 14:40-16:55. At the top there is a shop open every day (09:00-16:30) offering something to drink and eat, as well as souvenirs to remember your visit.

Under is a movie capturing the remarkable view from Dalsnibba.

By Frode Fukuda Andersen

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