pikenepaabroen© Munch Museum / Munch-Ellingsen Group / BONO, Oslo 2013 Photo: Børre Høstland, National Museum

As many of you readers may already know, this year marks the 150th anniversary for Edvard Munch. As such, many events are being held or planned around Norway, but the foremost among them is the joint exhibition by the Munch Museum and National Gallery. Here is some info about the special exhibition:

Munch 150

Exhibition duration: June 2nd to October 13th
National Gallery will hold the works from 1882 to 1903
Munch Museum will hold the works from 1904 to 1944The “Scream” can be seen at both locations. It will be displayed in room no. 24 inside the National Gallery.
As both exhibitions form a whole, it is recommended to see both

Opening hours:
Every day from 10:00 to 17:00
Thursdays from 10:00 to 19:00

Special conditions:
Between June 2nd and June 20th, and August 26th to September 22nd, it is not possible for groups to enter. In these periods, guests may enter as FIT without guiding.
All groups have to book in advance for entrance.
It is forbidden to take photos or record video inside.

Apart from this, there will be commemorative stamps, postcards, special Munch-themed milk chocolates and many other items and souvenirs available.