Hello again! This week’s theme is “Smile”! Hope this update will bring a little smile into your day as well!


There are a select few restaurants in Saariselkä, but the one our staff likes best is Restaurant Siberia. With their nice decor and lovely atmosphere, you can enjoy a great dinner or a delicious lunch. They are also family friendly, as seen in the photo of the soup on the Children’s Menu!


There is currently an ongoing debate in Norway about what defines Norwegian culture. The result of a poll done by the newspaper Aftenposten, the result was “Nature, vikings and trolls” Many Norwegians still long for the primitive mountain cabins, with no water or electricity, and it is evident that this is part of what all Norwegians consider a part of their identity. So much that they even smile after taking a dive in the snow!

bilde(15)Lastly, a photo from outside our office in Sandvika. It is not uncommon to see this kind of “pranks” done on cars after snow has fallen.

That is all for this time. Next theme will be “Animal”.