Dear readers,

Thank you for your continued support! This year as well, we have a Japanese service desk manned with out local staff in both Rovaniemi and Saariselkä. We received a short letter to our blog readers, so here you are:

“The Aurora season is upon us, and since December 1st we, the resident staff, have welcomed our guests in Saariselkä. The doorway to Northern Finland, Ivalo airport, is about 30 minutes away by bus. To visit the winter resort of Lapland, you first need to take a flight from Helsinki. When you arrive, the first thing to greet you is the cold outside air.


Everyone has to climb down the stairs to enter the airport building. For your first experience of the North, you will feel the freezing wind blow against you. Take care not to slip on the steps. Inside the airport, it’s pleasantly warm. From the wall, a reindeer greets you with a silent welcome.


After collecting your luggage, take the bus headed for Saariselkä. We will be manning the service desk in Santa’s Hotel Tunturi until March 2013. If you are in the vicinity, please stop by! We will be glad to help you with anything.

Miki Travel Finland, Jun Maeda