Did you think the jogging trend stopped in the 1980s you haven’t been to the Nordic capitals lately! Here is jogging still very popular and several different races are held in the Nordic capitals!

So now you have a good excuse to visit the Nordics, and you can combine the sightseeing with a nice run. Welcome back in 2015!

Come join us on our city runs on these days!

In 2015 these races are being held:

OSL – 19 September – Oslo Marathon

CPH – 13 September – Powerade Copenhagen Half Marathon

STO – 12 September – DN Stockholm Halvmarathon

HEL – 15 August – Helsinki City Marathon

STO – 8 August – Stockholm Ultra Marathon

STO – 30 May – Stockholm Marathon

CPH – 24 May – Copenhagen Marathon

Bergen – 25 April – Bergen Marathon

CPH – 29 March – IAAF / AL-BANK World Half Marathon Championships

By Kristofer Brander