What could be better than visiting Santa himself at his home town during Christmas time? What most do not know, is that he is actually waiting for you all year around at the Santa Village in Rovaniemi, Finland.

With Miki’s offer, you can stay at Cumulus Rovanieni, a hotel steeped in Lappish tradition right in the center of town, and explore all that Santa’s Village can offer during the day. After you have warmed up with traditional Lappish cuisine for dinner, a bus will be waiting outside the hotel to take you on a magical Aurora hunt, deep into the Arctic Circle.

Santa Claus Village is full of activities that you can plan during your stay. If you are adventurous, you can enjoy a snowmobile safari; or if you think that’s a little too fast, the husky park can arrange a snow sled ride instead. While you wait for the boys to come back from the snowmobile ride, drop by Santa’s Main Post office, situated right on the other side of the arctic circle. And before you ask: yes, the arctic circle actually runs right through the park! There you can write your friends back home from the post office where Santa gets all the letters from around the world.

One more place you cannot miss is the Santa Park, located close by the Santa Claus’s village. It is actually a underground network of caverns built by the elves to serve as a home and workplace for Santa. Here you can enjoy family activities from the Elves’ school, to crafting and toy making. This is the only place in the world where you can cross the arctic circle underground!

Simply put, a visit to Santa’s village is an Arctic experience like no other.

For groups, please input requested time for Santa’s Corridor to take photo with Santa Claus himself!

Mr Simen & Santa

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