Would you like to visit the home of Moomin? This is the right time to start planning! Next year is the 100th anniversary to the birth of Tove Joansson, the creator of Moomin. Festivities are being planned, and a special event website has been established here.

 The main fun will be happening at these locations:

 The Moomin world in Naantali

Called “Muumimaailma” in Finnish, it is a whole island recreated from the original 11 Moomin books. Here you get a chance to visit the Moomin family at their big blue house.

The Moomin Vally Museum in Tampere

This is an art museum dedicated for original Moomin art created by Tove herself. Among the exhibitions are 3 dimensional models and countless illustrations on display.  The jewel of the exhibition is a blue, five story Moomin house, standing over two meters tall. 

 The Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki

Art Exhibition centered on the Moomin creator Tove Jansson will be held from Spring of 2014. More details here.

Moomin Shops

There are 5 dedicated Moomin Shops in Finland. Exclusive Moomin items are the perfect souvenirs to a visit to Finland!

More info to come. /Paul