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FI/ Convenient Airport Shuttle in Rov...

Some things can just be kept simple and convenient. A great example of this is Rovaniemi’s Airport Express system. Commercial flights are few in this town, so the airport bus system has basically done away with time tables, instead catering to each flight’s arrival and departure times. Arrival When a flight arrives, buses are waiting […]

FI/ Santa Claus Village tour

What could be better than visiting Santa himself at his home town during Christmas time? What most do not know, is that he is actually waiting for you all year around at the Santa Village in Rovaniemi, Finland. With Miki’s offer, you can stay at Cumulus Rovanieni, a hotel steeped in Lappish tradition right in […]

Photos from Rovaniemi

Greetings, readers, and happy new year! Today we received some photos from our local staff in Rovaniemi. Although Christmas is over, the hometown of Santa Claus is still full of wintery charm. When you arrive at the airport and exit the terminal, the first thing to meet you is the sight of Santa’s reindeers… Then […]