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Copenhagen on two wheels

Copenhagen on two wheelsIf you want to see a capital city on two wheels Copenhagen is the perfect spot. The city is built for cyclists and you might even see more bikes than cars in the city center. 1/3 of the Copenhagen inhabitants commute to work by bicycle and it is not unusual to see […]

Imagine: Created Reality

Erik Johansson Imagine: Created Reality26 Febuary— 10 April, 2016Fotografiska in Stockholm is now showing the magical pictures made by Erik Johansson. The artist has photographed pictures from our world and created a fantasy. He has had a TedTalk about is work with the theme “Impossible Photografy”. His pictures will be shown at Fotografiska 26th of Febuary […]


 Welcome to Dalsnibba Veiwpoint. It is Europe’s hightest fjordview from the road at 1476 meters over sea level. Dalsnibba is situated 21 km from the centr of Geiranger. When you get to the viewpoint what you see will depend on the weather as well as the season. In the earlie Late season snow can appear […]

Summertime 2016

Summertime 2016

In the Nordic countries we love the sunlight! To get the most possible hours of sunlight we still use the summer and wintertime. Next time we change will be 27th of March when the clock will jump from 01:59 to 03:00. If you are visiting the Nordic countries, a kindly advise is to double check […]

Henrik Ibsen in Henrik Ibsens Street

The Henrik Ibsen Museum was founded by Knut Wigert in 1990 and has now been owned by the Norwegian Folkemuseum since 1993. Here you have the possible to visit the appartement Henrik Ibsen lived in his last 11 years. The museum arranges tours of the apartment with original artwork and furniture – giving you insight about his […]

2016 / Japanomania in the North

2016 / Japanomania in the North

In 2016 Helsinki and Oslo will hold an exhibition called “Japanomania”. The background of the exhibitions is to show how the art took affect from when Japan opened their borders in the 1860s. Artwork from Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Gerhard Munthe can be experienced during this exhibition. Helsinki Where? Ateneum Art Museum When? […]