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Kronborg Castle is the town of Helsingør. The castle is one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe and has been added to UNESO's world heritage sites. The castle is in the northeastern tip of the Island of Zealand. The castle dates back to a fortress built by the danish king Eric of Pomarania. Immortalized as Elsinore in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. Please plan at least 2 hours at Kronborg and aslo know that their can be arranged as part of the North Zealand tour!



2016 is a big year with an international festival marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespears play - Hamlet and to celebrate that it was 200 years since Hamlet was first preformed here. They have a team of licensed guides who are specialized in this story and will guide you through Hamlet's universe. With help form these guides you will find out what inspired Shakespeare and why he chose this castle. The tour includes historical facts includes the narrative of the dramatic plot of Shakespeare's tragedy. The tour is also combined with a visit to the medieval town of Elsinore. The tour is offered in six languages - Danish, English, Italian, Spanish, Portugese and Japanese. 


We all are all very exicited for the open-air preformance of Hamlet in the courtyard of Kronborg Castle that takes place every summer. It is in collaoration with HamletScenen (A regional theater in Elsinore city) that help organize this event.  



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