http://moominmugs.comPreparations for the TOVE100 celebration is on its way! Arabia Porcelain Museum is a staple for tourists over the years, and this year, they are marking the occasion with a Moomin mug exhibition.

Moomin Mugs, over the years, have become a popular collectible item among fans. All 66 different types of mugs will be on display this summer at the Arabia Museum. They will have some extremely rare items on display too, like the first ceramic pots that were hand painted by Tove Jansson herself.

They will also introduce the big brain behind most of the mug design, Tove Slotte. She has been designing most of the popular Moomin Mugs produced from the 90’s.

There will be some more interesting and exclusive items available for the guests this summer. All guests to the museum will receive a discount coupon for the Arabia outlet store. At the little shop, they will have many books written about the mugs as well as original Moomin books.  In addition, a collectible poster designed by Tove Slotte herself will be on sale exclusively at the museum shop.

It feel like its going to be a great season ahead for the Arabia Factory Museum.

If you are more interested in finding out about Moomin Mugs, take a look at They provided the pictures you see on this blog of the mugs.

This special exhibition will be available between June 5th – August 31, 2014.