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Stockholm voted as Traveler’s Choice: Style Capital

NNNStockholm is often presented as a stylish captial, with citizens dressing up in designer clothes and hip styles effortlessly. The people seem to take on to fashion and trends very easily, and it also reflects the way they are perceived. Indeed, they are so confident, people from Stockholm are sometimes described as aristocratic, posh or even arrogant. (Citizen of Oslo are very displeased with Stockholm’s slogan…) The fact remains that the sense of style in Stockholm is among the highest in the world.

Recently, Stockholm was voted the Style Capital of the world by the Academy at NewNowNext, coming in ahead of Brooklyn, New York and Paris. Among the reasons for the first place is the way “Stockholm is less in your face about it”. Fashion and style comes naturally to the people, so they express it in a subdued way. This is perhaps the most important reason Stockholm is indeed the Style Captal winner.


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