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Ålesund PhotoWalk

If you are our travelling and want to remember your trip, photos can be very important. Multitasking can be hard, but why not combine a guiding of the city with someone who knows the best photo stops in town?

Photo Walks of Ålesund is a new way to experience the sights of Ålesund. It is more than just a walking tour, it will allow you to see the best views of this beautiful town, show you how to use your camera creatively and ensure that you have some classic photographs to bring back home.

We would like to show you Ålesund from a photographer view, the special spots we have discovered that gives you the best pictures of our beautiful town. We will point out beautiful ornaments on the Art Nouveau buildings, show you the narrowest house in the town and take you to some hidden spots with panoramic view of the town center. As we walk through the town, we will show you our favorite places for a nice cup of coffee and some delicious sweets, shops that you find in Ålesund only, and restaurants for all kinds of tastes. If there is a concert or other cultural event happening the next days, we will let you know.  Our guides will tell you about attractions and places worth seeing in the areas around Ålesund.

We welcome all ages and skill, you can bring all kinds of camera, even your mobile phone. Remember fully charged battery and lots of space on the memory card.

For Miki staff, please contact OSL office for rate and booking conditions.

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